A generation ago, the officers and owners of America’s corporations, fed up with democracy, decided to quietly seize control of one of the nation’s political parties the Republican Party and, with it, America. It worked. Enriched by corporate money they GOP used deft appeals to racism, bigotry and other “values” to establish virtually complete Republican dominion. The consequences are everywhere. The nation has no universal health insurance because insurance companies, corporate employers, hospitals, doctors and insurance companies do not wish it. Electricity rates have soared because corporations wanted the profits that a so-called “free market” could provide. Pension and health benefits of people who retired decades ago have been slashed to maintain or increase shareholder profits.

Yet nowhere is the imprint of corporations and the rich clearer, or the peril greater, than with global warming. The planet is racing toward a “tipping point,” a slight change that triggers a massive, violent and irreversible shift: think avalanche, lightning, volcanic explosion or the Twin Towers, standing, standing, standing, then in seconds collapsing on themselves. Continue reading

Saving Ourselves is divided into four parts, as follows:

Part I: The Science of Global Warming and Needless Death and Illness.
Part II: The Technologies and Other Measures That Could Save Us.
Part III: The Three Pillars of the Modern Republican Party.
Part IV: The Tools Employed by the Modern Republican Party.

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